Do I really need a professional makeup artist?

A professional makeup artist is very important. Especially for a special occasion such as a wedding. We are properly trained in the use of the correct products and techniques for photography and also in how to highlight a woman’s best features.

On a day where you want to feel more gorgeous than ever, you can sit back and be pampered, safe in the knowledge you are going to have a beautiful makeup application which will look amazing in professional photography and last the distance on a long day.

Do you do trial consultations?

I highly recommend booking a trial consultation before a wedding. During this one on one consultation we can discuss your style preferences and I can create the perfect look for each person.You can then approach your wedding day with a confidence and peace of mind knowing you will have the beautiful look you had envisioned for your special day.

At the trial a full makeup will be done and notes taken so the look can be perfectly created on the day. If you like, I will also give you a list of products used so you can purchase any lip colours or touch up products that you may need on the day.

A few tips before the trial:

It helps if you collect pictures from magazines of makeup styles/colours that you like. Also, if you have any colour swatches from bridesmaid dresses or flower arrangements it helps me to create something that will blend perfectly with the overall theme of the wedding.

Try to select a makeup style that isn’t too dissimilar from what you would normally wear. We are aiming for a fresh and gorgous version of you!

Clean, exfoliated and moisturised skin is very important to the way makeup will perform on the skin. It is recommended to keep up a good skin care regime to ensure the makeup looks (and lasts) its best.
Snap shot photos aren’t really an accurate representation of the way the makeup looks. Flashes and poor lighting can distort the way the makeup is perceived. On the wedding day the professional photographer can capture the makup at it’s best.

Can you do hair?

I can perform basic hairstyling but makeup is what I do best. It is recommended to book a separate hair stylist to ensure things go smoothly and to time on the day. It also halves the time it takes to get ready and is a far more relaxed experience. I can personally recommend 2 fantastic hair stylists I work with often.

Will my makeup last?

I am able to use the very best products and methods in my application to ensure makeup lasts as long as possible. I have found a few favourites that look not only look beautiful on the skin but perfom incredibly well under wedding day conditions.
After a long day of kisses and hugs, eating, drinking and sweating the makeup can to require a few touch ups here and there and I can recommend a few key touch up items to take with you on the day.

Further questions?

This is a big decision and there will be a lot of photos & smiles (even a few tears!) over the course of your special day. If there is any other questions I can answer for you please contact me using the link below. All I wish is for you to have a wonderful and stress free day!

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